The Series

Each year, with great anticipation, the gaboons look forward to assisting Stoney with his annual saw-whet owl banding station.  But this season, they become tangled in a series of mysteries when they realize that something monstrous is lurking in the darkness. The mayhem begins when, behind Stoney's cottage, they discover an ancient relic that has been hidden from view for decades. Not long after making that find, they begin to hear strange noises in the forest, and their research station is demolished. Stoney is determined to identify the culprit.

In their latest adventure, Stoney and Bill enlist the help of a brainy college professor as they search for the keys they need to unlock a hundred and thirty year mystery. They are on a modern day treasure hunt looking for a buried time capsule, but what they thought would be a simple task becomes much more difficult when they explore the past. Things take an unexpected turn when Stoney’s weird neighbors and a skunk get involved along the way.

A mysterious owl has suddenly appeared near the Malone International Airport. Where did it come from? How old is it? Is it alone? Biologist Marvin Stone (Stoney) and his friend Bill Short attempt to capture the elusive bird of prey to get some answers. But it is when the crew at Sneaky Pete’s Diner contacts the authorities to investigate that the real adventure takes flight, leading Stoney and his friend on a journey they could have never have imagined.